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Our Pricing

Our prices are simple in the way that they are taloured around You
As we are a smaler family run practise we are able to talour make a bespoke package around your specific needs.
All first consultations are FREE!
Below is a simple table of our pricing, please note that all therapy sessions are carried out by  fully qualified Hypnotherapists trained to Diploma level by the British Accademy of Hypnosis
We belieive that you will not find a better practise in the area
We have a 100% success rate and plan on continuing this into the future.

  1. Motivation Fears / Phobias Confidence building Pre test nerves Stress Relaxation Therapy sessions
    Do you have an area that you require help with ? Maybe a forthcoming test such as a driving test ? we can help in many ways. Do you suffer from stress or have a fear or phobia ? then give us a call or send us an email we can help. These sessions are aimed directly to you and our success is unsurpassed by any other. Sessions range from a 1 off to as many as needed. We do not need to sell you extra sessions as we are a busy practice and the more people we see the quicker we help them the better it is for them and for you and us.
  2. Gastric Mind Band Non-surgical
    This type of therapy is growing fast and is recognized as an effective treatment for eating disorders , mainly targeted at people that have problems following a diet or eating disorders of any kind and has the same effects as the surgical one with no side effects. 1. No surgery is required 2. No horrible side effects like the surgical one 3. No scars or hospital visits 4. 10% more successful than the surgical one is The cost for this can be broken down into an instalment plan if required and therapy can be started as soon as you are accepted onto the program
    Free consultation £495 can be paid by installment
  3. Stop Smoking
    We all know what long term effects that smoking has on the pocket and our health and most of us want to quit, a survey carried out in December 2015 found that 68.9% of smokers wanted to quit and 42.7% had made an attempt to quit using conventional methods and prescribed help however only 6% succeeded in doing this. We have a 92% success rate at getting people to quit. If you are serious about giving up smoking then we are here to help. No drugs are used just your and our help to make you become a non smoker. Full support from start to finish is given to you, we can help
  4. Corporate Stress / Team building
    Due to new health rules and regulations many employers are becoming aware of the need to monitor stress levels in the workplace as it is their duty to do so, we can help you. Apart from being fully qualified Hypnotherapists we also have a range of Counselling expertise and fully trained to national higher levels and time served counselling services, this makes us a step out further than the rest and ensures you the employer the highest standards of service. We are leaders in the field in the corporate sector for these services and deal with small to large company's alike.
    Packages depend on specific needs and areas required Please contact us with your requirements today where we will be happy to help in any area you require