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Here are just a few of the services that we offer to individual clients, small businesses and to the corporate sector.
We are both personal and proffesional in all areas and are waiting for your call.

If you do not see the service that you require why not contact us for more information or free advice.

Weight Control

Quit smoking

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Gatric Mind Band

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Tell me more

Do you or someone you know want to stop ?
Have you or someone you know tried to quit smoking before but failed ?  
We have a very effective proramme to enable you to stop smoking NOW !
To Often high street options fail and often there is very little help, we use the power of YOUR mind to stop forever !
​Please contact us now to quit smoking today.
Are you tired with diets that just dont work?
Do you want a safe and tailored way of losing /gaining weight?
Do you want a healthier lifestyle?
If yes we can help you achieve the goals you desire
We can show you the way to change your life, change your weight and get healthy with a full dedicated team behind you.

Please note we do not promote unhealthy / drastic weight loss or crash diets or diet pills.

Fears and Phobias


Overcoming your fears

Helping you to live life a stress-free life

Do you have a fear or a phobia?  
We can help,
Hypnosis has been proven many times over to help eliminate them and enable you to regain control of your life.
We live in a fast moving fast paced world and our lives can be busy.  
At times it can be hard to find a way to relax.
Stress is a major factor in the onset of heart attacks and other serious health problems so don't delay, seek help today!

Work / Learning / Confidence

Do you have goals to meet?  Do you desire that bit of extra confidence to help you succeed?  Do you want to give yourself that edge to surpass the others?  If you do then we are able to help you now.

Designed for employer protection programs

Corporate stress plans 

New laws passed now mean that employers have duties under common law  to take reasonable steps to ensure your health and safety at work.
Typical causes of work-related stress are an overload of work, bullying, lack of support and a bad working environment. In some cases stress can be caused by outside influences such as bereavement, relationship issues or a disability.
Under these new laws an employer has such a duty of care that they must indentify stress and we understand that this can be a tall order to fullfill.  That is why we have customised plans to suit each and every  employer and employee.
As an employer you may find it difficult to identify the different types of stress or indeed stress at all as unless you are involved with this type of work then you will have your mind focused on different issues.
We can help you as an employer identify the needs and stress levels of your employees.  We will identify and monitor each and every possible case and treat and advise as required.  We will also complete monthly employer reports for yourself which will include all areas of the employees' mental health levels and safeguard you in the future against claims that may arise giving you proof that you have tried preventing any workplace issues or future developments.
We are commited to the adversion of these events and understand the requirements to fullfil this role and how important it is.

We are on hand now to answer your questions and are happy to hear from you

Team building / Events

In adition to all of this we are able to offer a number of personal and corporate services both to the individual and corporate group.  These services are designed to meet and exceed your requirements and are tailor made for you from the ground up.
We can cater for 1 off motivational meetings / days out to fully taliored on-going team building.
These include, 4X4 events off roading days
Airsoft / tactical days
Paranormal investigations
Charity Events
Weekends away
Group camping 
We are able to arrange and host a number of events pre planned or bespoke to your requirements.  If you do have any questions or requirements please do not hesitate to email us with them.  Please state as clearly as possible what and when they would be and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.